The Calm Before The Storm…

It feels like it was just yesterday when we were first introduced to our individual teams. Just like yesterday when we started SPRINT retreat and our training at SPU. But alas, with less than five days until departure, it is starting to feel extremely real and exciting. In these next few days, I will be spending some time packing, preparing, and just working on those last few details. As I’m sure many are aware, we depart from SeaTac Airport at 6:30am on Friday, and will be spending the better part of a day on an airplane or in an airport somewhere.

So, here we are. In the hours before the dawn of an adventure that I’m sure will be filled with God, personal growth, and of course, lots of fun. Here’s a few prayer requests that I have (and I’m sure the rest of the team feels the same):

  1. Pray for safety, that we may embark Seattle and arrive in Hong Kong safely.
  2. Pray for team unity. I believe that our team is probably one of the best teams in SPRINT this year, but nevertheless, you can’t have too much team unity.
  3. Pray for our work. While our work may not be directly involve the Gospel, we have the amazing opportunity to share our lives and God by our actions and our interactions. This is something that the team feels is incredibly important and an integral part of our mission.
  4. Pray for ELIC. While we may be embarking as a team of 5, there are nearly 100 other people who have joined ELIC and doing similar work all around China and Vietnam. Please pray for them too.

One last thing: check back often starting on our departure date this Friday. We will all have lots of things to write about and share (including videos and pictures!) once we embark.

God Bless, and have a great week!


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