Lesson Planning

Well, week one is over.

Just one week ago (around this time PST) the five of us boarded an Alaskan Airlines flight for our first leg of the journey to Hong Kong. In San Francisco International Airport, we met up with James Sinor (The ELIC Coordinator Stateside) and over 70 other college aged students who have signed up with ELIC and boarded a Cathay Pacific 747 bound for Hong Kong. Around this time (local time) we stepped off a ferry at Cheung Chau Island, ready and eager to begin our training. Little did we know, we had to drag our luggage uphill for a mile in the dark.

I think that week one was just like that first night. We were all excited about our expectations of what’s to come. We had to overcome five days of information overload and training, and we are now nearing the top of the hill; just preparing and waiting until our first day teaching. That really sums up our first week. We spent from Saturday night to Thursday afternoon (local time) in Cheung Chau Island; attending five training sessions per day and spiritually and mentally preparing. On Thursday, we moved into our final destination in Hong Kong with the other six or so teams from ELIC while the Vietnam and Mainland China teams headed for the airport.

Since then, we’ve cranked out our schedule for the next three weeks and started lesson planning on a per-day basis. What I can tell you about lesson planning is that it is hard and long. It took 2 hours to get all the planning for one day done, and we teach for 3 1/2 hours per day. And then there is the daily culture activity planning that has to be done. Today, we took a bit of a break and went out to see some of Hong Kong’s meticulously kept gardens. It’s amazing to go to a small green oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle. Its almost unexpected to see such places spring up with the beauty that they have.

In preparation for the start of English lessons and the opportunity we will have to pour into these Hong Kong kids, it’s amazing to see and feel the ways that God can pour His love, wisdom, and power into us. While prayer and time with God is important, I have learned that I can be filled up just by interacting with His creation. Whether it is the fragile trees and koi in a garden, the hustle and bustle of the city, and interactions with His greatest creation, his people. While I may be physically tired and hungry, I feel emotionally and spiritually full; ready to start reflecting what I have been feeling to the kids.

Please continue to pray that we may be continually filled up with God’s love, wisdom, and power as we continue our work.
Pray for the kids who will be attending our English camp. Not only at Ning Po College (Where we will be teaching), but also at the other colleges.
Pray for our team; for Sammi, Karl, Jacqueline, Kevin, myself, and Becky. Pray that we will have strength and wisdom from God.
Pray for the other ELIC teams; in Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam.
Finally, please pray for opportunities. For God to continually bring opportunities for us to share His love.

On a more blog type note: there is now a few thumbnails on the right hand side of the page, it is my China Flickr feed. Check there often for beautiful pictures of Hong Kong!


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