Week One: Done

Well, it has been a really eventful week here in Hong Kong. We got our classes, started teaching, and had all manners of ups and downs. The weekend is now here, time for most of us to relax and recharge for the upcoming week.

For me, this week has really been an ongoing lesson in trusting God and being joyful through the struggles. I started the week on a really high note, anticipating what’s to come. Little did I know that my students were more lower in English level than I had anticipated. And I really struggled teaching them. But as the week wore on, I started to feel God’s presence more and more as I planned for lessons and in my classroom. My students, even though they struggled with English, started to warm up to me and try harder. They still have a long way to go, both in learning English and in knowing the Lord, but I now see baby steps being made.

I felt a ton of discouragement as the week wore on as well. It was exhausting to spend hours planning, spend hours teaching, and receive nothing more than blank confused stares from my students. I felt myself asking God again and again what I’m doing wrong. Turns out I may just have been my usual impatient self. God, in his usual glorious self, gave me the strength and wisdom to simplify my lessons and spend time making power points from scratch with Sammi for every single lesson. These last few days, my students started to break out of their shells a bit more, and I am thankful for the baby steps, even though they are small.

Please pray for continued strength and wisdom.
Pray for my team; that we will stay grounded, that we will be motivated, and that we will love each other.
Pray for my students; that they will continue to open up. That they will be motivated to learn English, and that they will see God through me.

On the more relaxing side, Hong Kong is a beautiful city. It’s amazing to see God’s creation everywhere. From the beautiful hills to the concrete jungle of Central. It’s people are extremely sweet, and the food: amazing. The more time I spend here, the less desire I have to leave. I think at the end of our time here, it’s going to be hard for me to even leave to go to Shanghai.

Finally, we have been warned that a level one typhoon will hit the area sometime soon. Apparently, a level one typhoon is just heavy rain, but I don’t remember being in one; so this will be exciting.

Until next time, God Bless! I will sit here, finish some of the best egg tarts in all of Hong Kong (Spent 2 hours just to get them in the rain today) and go to bed.


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