It Is Finished… kinda.

Teaching is hard stuff; and I apologize if you were waiting for new posts to emerge. Thank you to those who keep checking.

We are now sitting in Hum Hom station in the heart of Kowloon, waiting for our train to Shanghai. With three hours to kill, it’s easy to spend this time reflecting on what has taken place the last three weeks. Friday was our last day in class, and it was a day of both stress (due to the closing ceremony), sadness (from the numerous goodbyes), and a sense of finality. For three weeks, we poured as much as we can into one hundred kids. We made relationships, hung out with a group of kids, and shared the Truth of the Gospel.

On Saturday, this culminated in a youth rally where kids from all of the Hong Kong schools that had ELIC English Camp came. At first, we expected the rally to be full of the Spirit, and that our kids and all the other kids will come to know the Lord. As the event neared, I became to lower my expectations, and I knew that if only one person decided to follow Jesus, I would be content that our work has been done. Collectively, we had around two dozen kids come to know the Lord, and just as importantly, a few hundred heard the Gospel in Cantonese, and was able to be exposed to the Truth. As a team, we had about 8-10 students come to the rally from our school, and unfortunately, none of them accepted Christ that day. But I trust that God will continue to work in their hearts, and that what we have done here is just a stepping stone for them towards eternal life. It is my prayer, and I hope yours as well, that all of the kids we have worked with this summer will continue on a path towards God. They may have not realized his presence just yet, but I pray that what we have done as a team has moved them one step towards God, and that someday, they will come to know Him.

After the rally, and during this whole weekend, I felt something that I have never felt so strongly before in my life. I was content. I was content with this trip. I was content in what the team and I have done. I was content with my students, with the work they have done. Finally, I was content with what God had done throughout this whole trip, in both myself and my students. I feel that for this trip, our work with the kids of Ning Po College is finished. And it is now time for us to hand everything back to God.

Yes, it is sad to leave Hong Kong. Yes, it is sad to leave the students. But I think that our work here was meant to be short. God has more to show and teach us, and I know that some of that will be revealed in Nanjing, China. My free wifi is almost up, so I end with one request. Pray for us as we travel to Mainland China and see what God is doing in this great nation. Pray that we will see and learn what He wants us to learn. Pray that in these next couple of weeks, we can process and come to fully realize that God used us this summer.


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