Homeward Bound

Just about an hour ago, we went through US Customs and Immigration at San Francisco International Airport. We are finally on US soil. This was where Kevin parted ways with us, as he is driving up to Oregon. As for the rest of us, we have a few hours until our flight to Seattle.

It’s interesting to me that in our journey home, we are backtracking our steps to Hong Kong. We walked through the same exact gates, in the same airports, with the same airplanes. It was another source of the mixed emotions we are all feeling. Yes, it is exciting to be home. Yes, it is good to be surrounded by native English speakers. Yes, the closing of this short chapter of our lives is sad. And yes, we all miss Hong Kong, China, Ning Po College, and our students terribly. I, for one, would trade the next couple hours in SFO and in an Alaskan flight for a 14 hours flight back to Hong Kong.

It’s interesting to sit here at the gate. Watching people walk by, going about their travels. None of them had an experience anything like what we went through. None of them spent the last month just pouring out in love. None of them spent enough time, loved a city and its people enough to have called Hong Kong home. It is both a blessing and a privilege to have gone on this trip.

Throughout my life, I’ve always felt like I have two home here on Earth. Indonesia, where my heart has always longed to go back to and Seattle, my physical home. But now, I can definitively say that I have a third home. Hong Kong, and more broadly, China. I will from now on, always long for the opportunity to go back.

But for now, it’s homeward bound, to Seattle.


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